COMMISSIONS - Do you paint in person or from a photograph?

I work exclusively from digital photographs

COMMISSIONS - What happens to my photographs once I've sent them?

Any and all photographs you send will only be accessible on my work devices which only I have access to. All are deleted from all devices and cloud backups on the completion of the painting for your privacy.

PAYMENTS - How can I pay?

All originals and prints are available to purchase directly from my online store pages.

To book a commission, or for purchases over £100 where you would like to use a Payment Plan, please use the Contact Page and I will set up an invoice for you.

PAYMENTS - How do Payment Plans work?

If you are purchasing an artwork or commission over £100, you can use a payment plan.

This means you can spread the cost into up to 4 payments - weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
There is no fee for using this service.

Originals will be shipped once the full balance is met.

Commissions will be assigned a slot once the full balance is met.

COMMISSIONS - How long is the process?

On completion of payment, you will be added to the booking list.
Each piece varies in how long it takes me, depending on the complexity, speed of responses from clients about layout and colour options, and sometimes the weather! (Paints don't like to perform in a heatwave!).
For this reason, I give an approximate estimate based on the length of the current booking list. I currently estimate approximately 3-5 months, but this can be subject to change so please do allow plenty of wiggle room.

COMMISSIONS - What is the process once booked in?

The first step will be for you to take your photographs.
The most important thing for me is that you're comfortable in this stage, so please take your time, and know that this is a judgement free zone - and is an empowerment heavy zone! See additional questions for tips for your photographs!

I will discuss layout options and colourways with you before proceeding and I will show you the completed piece for approval before shipping.

No prints will be made from your commission. This is a one-off piece, just for you!

COMMISSIONS - What sort of photo should I send?

- You MUST be 18+ to book a nude / partially nude commission. If you have alredy booked and are not 18+ you MUST NOT send any photos and please inform me immediately to cancel your booking -

How you pose for your photos is up to you. If you would like to be nude, in a bikini, or fully covered - that is entirely up to you! It's all about what makes YOU feel most empowered. I do ask that you don't send anything sexually explicit / pornographic, but fully nude in your natural state is welcome.

You can send one photo, or a few if you'd prefer for me to choose one for you.
Dynamic poses are always fun but don't feel you need to do any fancy poses if that isn't 'you'. Good lighting is preferable and if possible, don't take photos too close up as this limits options for the painting layout. You don't need to use a professional camera, a simple phone selfie is just fine, though you may find it helpful to use a timer so you can be further from the camera. If you have a partner, you could also ask them to take the photos for you.

Most importantly, relax and just be yourself!